Top 10 Light Electric Vehicle Blogs To Look Out For

Check out our top 10 blogs to follow for news and new releases, cutting edge technology, daily top pics and videos, as well as simple how-to guides.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, light electric vehicles are the future, and quickly becoming the present, of personal transportation–and it’s not just electric cars that are an emerging industry. Light electric vehicles (LEVs) include battery-powered electric bikes, scooters, skateboards and hoverboards, each of which is a simple, affordable, and environmentally responsible alternative to gas-powered modes of transportation.

So if you want to get in on the LEV Revolution, here are our top 10 blogs to follow for news and new releases, cutting edge technology, daily top pics and videos, as well as simple how-to guides and walkthroughs.

LEVA Press Release Archives

We put LEVA at the top of our list because, while not a blog per-se, they are the most authoritative source on the web for the latest LEV news.

Formed in 2008, the Light Electric Vehicle Association is an international group of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, working together not only to expand the LEV industry, but also focusing on adopting and improving safety standards and regulations.

You don’t have to join the association to take advantage of their incredible archive of news and press releases related to every branch of the LEV industry. The archive and search functions are helpful and easy to use, and LEVA curates articles from top sites like The Guardian, Forbes, Engadget, and WIRED. To learn more about LEVA check out their mission statement

Whether you’re new to the game and have questions about if your LEV is street legal, or you’re a veteran rider looking for the best insurance options, runs one of the best blogs on the web for LEV heads. While many LEV blogs end up falling back on the hierarchy of reporting on e-bikes the most, then e-scooters, then e-skateboards or hoverboards if you’re lucky, we give extra credit to for making an effort to report on all of our LEV options as evenly as possible. also does excellent, in-depth reviews that are invaluable to anyone shopping around for a new LEV.

Electric Bike Insider

Electric Bike Insider is the perfect blog for those who want to be just that—insiders on every beat of the e-bike industry, reporting on cutting edge stories ranging from technology breakthroughs to business news related to the LEV market. Electric Bike Insider is so much more than that too—scroll to the bottom of their homepage to their “Categories” and you can filter through their trove of posts for simple how-to guides, gear reviews, curated videos, and opinion pieces.


One look at URB-E’s e-scooters and there is no denying they have one of the best looking and performing products on the LEV market right now. But they also run a great blog that is resourceful regardless of whether or not you have an URB-E e-scooter yourself.

While many of their posts are comparisons of their product to other popular e-scooters (unsurprisingly, URB-E wins a lot), they also make excellent posts about the potential for LEVs to improve parking and traffic in crowded metropolitan areas, the company’s green philosophy, reports from LEV meet-ups and ride-alongs, and even tips on using URB-E and other LEVs to improve your shopping trips.

Notey’s Electric Skateboard Blog

Notey has made a name for itself as a lifestyle blog curating cutting edge trends and contemporary styles in art, design, culture, technology, and so much more. But they also run a great blog on electric skateboards, profiling gear and companies as well as giving exposure to kickstarter pages for LEV companies looking for investors in their new products and technology.

Notey’s e-skateboard blog is also worth checking out for their design posts, if you want to check out some high quality pics of some of the most gorgeous custom e-skateboards ever built.

Ride Genesis

Genesis hasn’t been blogging for too long, but they have been consistently bringing it with quality content on a wide range of light electric vehicles, as well as pieces on technology and culture.

Genesis has posts on their own line of LEVs, but also posts some interesting and well-researched pieces on the history and possibilities of LEVs, as well as reports on press releases from industry leaders like Tesla. We’re hoping Genesis keeps up their stream of good blog content as their company grows.

One Wheel

One Wheel’s blog doesn’t have much content yet, but what is there is lush and presented beautifully. If you’re skeptical of this product, as I was, just a few minutes on their blog and you’ll wish you were shredding one of these. The One Wheel is a LEV unlike any other, combining elements of the hoverboard, scooter, and pike for an off-road, self-balancing, upright ride. Check out their Youtube page to see the One Wheel in action.

Singapore Electric Scooters

Don’t let the name fool you, Singapore Electric Scooters is relevant to anyone, even if you’re not in Singapore, and they also occasionally post about e-skateboards and hoverboards.

Singapore Electric Scooters covers new product releases, maintenance tips, and opinion pieces, but they go beyond usual news reporting to raise hard questions like “should there be mandatory insurance for users of electric scooters?” or blog about how to spot a fake scooter and tell the difference from an authentic one.

Leif Tech Blog

You might not believe it until you see it, but Leif Tech makes electronic snowboards. Yeah, snowboards that you can ride on the street. Leif Tech keeps a great Youtube page, but if you’re not convinced you’ll be able to ride like the pros, check out their blog where they post videos from new customers who are getting it down within minutes of their first ride.

Leif Tech uses a mechanism for their e-snowboard that is completely unique, and because the company is so new (they started shipping this summer), we’re psyched to keep up with Leif Tech’s blog for the latest.

Electric Bike Report

This site is a bit old-fashioned looking, but Electric Bike Report is still one of the best blogs on the web for e-bike riders. Electric Bike Report’s blog posts often focus on fresh e-bike news and releases, battery range tips, safety and security suggestions, plus more. If their blog wasn’t a great enough resource, Electric Bike Report hosts a very active forum.

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