10 DIY Electric Scooter Modification Tricks Worth Trying

Are you a DIY craftsman wonder-child? Then this guide on the top 10 DIY modifications for electric scooters is for you!

Sometimes you just want to go fast, man. Even if that means on an electric scooter.

That seems to be the working mantra for the diy electric scooter modification community and it shows. The majority of modifications available for your electric scooter are going to help you do just that, you speed demon, you. Whether you’re tackling a big project, like turning a conventional, manual scooter into an electric scooter, swapping out your motor for a bigger one, or maybe just adding some mud flaps to your Razor, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top mods for your electric scooter.

Just a quick warning before we go any further: Modify your scooter at your own risk. Remember you’re dealing with electricity and acid and other dangerous things. Also you’re probably going to void your warranty.

All good? Okay.

By far, the most popularly modded electric scooter is the Razor E300 as it’s available worldwide and relatively inexpensive (about $200 – $300). The only unfortunate part is that it’s a bit slow and not meant for, um, “adult” riders.

10. Big Seat for a Big Boy

If you’re over the age of thirteen and want to cruise your scooter in a seated and relaxed position, look no further than this post. All you’ll need is the seat that came with your E300 and a few tools.

This user writes, “If you just put it on the front (or original rear) of the seat will point toward the front tire which is very uncomfortable to ride. To fix the problem I used my dremel to cut and grind longer adjustment grooves in the seat bracket. The front holes in middle where cut upward and the front holes where cut downward. This angled the seat correctly to about 0 degrees angle. The seat is much more comfortable now and I have room to fit my legs on the scooter.”

9. Throttle the Voltage

To make your scooter go faster, you’re going to need to change more than one or two things. Luckily this page can help you do just that. This guy found two scooters for free and gutted both, salvaging the 36V battery from one and placing it in the hull of the former 24V battery giving him more charge and overall voltage!

8. Or Double it

Instead of only adding one new, higher-voltage battery, you could also add a second battery! Twice the battery power for twice the get-up-and-go and doubling your range!

7. Or Triple it

Yes, you can also add a third battery.

One user on the forum states, “If you’re adding a third battery, continue the circuit for the original batteries to complete the circuit. Since the 24v batts are connected: controller + to batt1 +, batt1 – to batt2 + batt2- to controller – then just insert your new battery into the series… batt2- to batt3+ batte3 – to controller – and you should complete well.”

Good on you if that makes any sense. Of course, make sure all of your batteries are new or an old batter will drain one of the other two.

6. Mud Flaps

If you’re riding through the mud or rain-soaked streets, you might want to consider adding some mud flaps to your scooter. You can use something as mundane as a tennis ball container and attach it with a pair of scissors and some bolts. This way, you can keep the cuffs of your jeans clean while you tool around!

5. Sprocket Rockets

You can also change out your sprockets to help give your electric scooter a little more umph. By changing your front sprockets one or two teeth larger and your rear sprockets one or two teeth smaller, you can gain an extra MPH or two.

Sprockets are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and uninstall, and are widely available for purchase.

4. Rewind the Motor

To be honest, we’ve filed the mechanics behind rewinding your scooter’s motor under “Advanced Scooter Modification.” Doing it the wrong way could seriously damage your scooter, so make sure you’re using one you didn’t’ pay much for or don’t have too much attachment to.

What you’re going to be doing is rewinding the coils of a brushed motor to decrease the number of windings per coil. This will allow the motor to turn at a higher RPM while delivering low torque output.

Good luck on this one!

3. Radio Free Electric Scooter

If you’re happy with the speed of your scooter (or have already modified it into a veritable drag racer) then you could always add some music capability.

This video explains how simple it is to install a car stereo face, a battery pack and speakers so you can ride your electric scooter in style.

2. All-Terrain Mega Scooter

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to take your electric scooter off the streets and into the wild country. Unfortunately, most e-scooters you’re going to buy retail aren’t going to have this capability.

If you’re this guy, you’ve got the right idea. All you need is a little know how and elbow grease. This, as you might imagine, is pretty much a total overhaul and not just a little mod here or there.

For something like this, you’ll need different motors, batteries, forks, controllers frames decks and on and on. But the end result is pretty incredible.

1. Souped Up 60 MPH Granny Mover

This modification might just take the cake.

You know those sluggish e-scooters you see meandering up and down the grocery aisle? Well one loony dude decided he was sick and tired of waiting around while he tried to grab his box of cereal and modified a mobility scooter to blaze at speeds of up to 60 MPH!

It’s pretty incredible what you can do with your electronic scooter. It’s going to take a little practice and more than a few errors in your trials, but don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get modifying!

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