5 Best Hoverboards Under $400

If you don’t care about all the extra doo-dads and simply want a safe, solid hoverboard, check out our list of the best hoverboards for under $400!

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year! Christmas music plays everywhere, fat men in red suits bring cheer to children in shopping malls across America, smells of cinnamon and cider fill the air, and panic starts to set in as shopping lists exceed paychecks. But have no fear! There is no reason to let the mounting costs of needed gifts spoil the season. You just need to shop smart and find great deals.

One of this year’s hottest gifts is a hoverboard. You know, those two-wheel self balanced scooter things that you’ve seen all the kids riding on.

You might be thinking, “I thought those things were all recalled due to being a fire hazard?”

It’s true. That did happen. But the industry has taken action, and every hoverboard sold today must receive UL 2722 certification, which guarantees that it’s passed a series of safety tests and is deemed safe for you use.

That’s great news. Hoverboards are safe! But they are still new technology and thus rather expensive. Most hoverboards fall in the $500-700 range!

Now, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper but don’t want to sacrifice quality, you’re in luck, because there are a lot of great hoverboards available for under $400. The only difference between these quality lower cost boards and the more expensive ones is that the lower cost boards lack some of the extra bells and whistles, like Bluetooth speakers, app compatibility, etc.

But if you don’t care about all the extra doo-dads and simply want a safe, solid hoverboard for getting around town, then our list of the best hoverboards under $400 has just what you’re looking for!

5 Hoverboards Under $400

SwagTron T5

Best hoverboards - black swagtron t5 black front perspective

Price: $299

SwagTron are one the biggest names in the hoverboard industry. Their T1 and T3 models are both infamous for their quality and safety certifications. While the T5 is a much more basic model than the T1 and T3, it still possesses the solid build and focus on safety that make SwagTron’s products so well received.

Weighing in at only 18 lbs, the T5 has a max weight capacity of 187 lbs. It is capable of reaching speeds of 7 mph and has a range of 7 miles per charge. A 200-watt motor powers the SwagTron T5 and features gear stabilization technology for increased downhill traction.

It also includes the SentryShield smart battery system that is guaranteed fireproof technology for maximum safety.

The T5 is definitely one of the best hoverboards under $400.

Jetson V6

best hoverboards - black jetson front view

Price: $399

The Jetson V6 hoverboard is one of the most feature-rich hoverboards under available under $400. It includes a mobile application that tracks speed and distance traveled and allows you to share your ride information with your friends and family on social media. It also has Bluetooth speakers, which you can stream music through as you ride.

The V6 can reach speeds of 10 mph and has a range per charge of 15 miles. It has a 700-watt dual hub motor and can be charged in 1-2 hours.

The Jetson V6 also has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs for the more portly fellows out there.

Hoverzon S Series

best hoverboards - Hoverzon Hoverboard Type S in yellow

Price: $350

Hoverzon is well known and trusted brand in the hoverboard industry. They sell multiple models that range in price, but their Type S model comes in at 350 bucks.

This hoverboard is UL 2722 certified and available in six colors: black, blue, white, pink, red, and yellow.

It has a max speed of 8 mph and a range per charge of 11 miles. It can climb hills with a 30-degree grade or less. The Type S is powered by a 250-watt motor and includes gear stabilization as well.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Best hoverboards - Metallic Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Price: $398

Razor is one of the most well known companies in the light electric vehicle (LEV) movement. They began as a producer of kick scooters and have since moved on to produce dozens of different personal transportation devices.

Their hoverboard model, the Hovertrax 2.0 is sold through various retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target.

The Hovertrax is built with ultra-strong rubber tires with aluminum hubs, and has fender bumpers for added vehicle protection.

The board has a max speed of 8 mph and can be ridden in two modes: training and normal. It also has a range per charge of 60 minutes and a quick charge battery. 


best hoverboards - black powerboard

 Price: $349

 The Powerboard Hoverboard, while basic in features, is nevertheless one of the best deals you’ll find. The hoverboard comes with a one-year warranty and free shipping! You can also opt to pay for the extended three-year warranty.

The board is built with dual hub motors that can move at speeds of up to 6.5 mph and runs for 6 hours on a single charge!

Now that you’ve got your head wrapped around the best hoverboards under $400, it’s time to start narrowing down your favorite boards on the list and choosing the perfect board for you or your loved one.

Remember to follow the hoverboard laws and stay safe while riding!


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  1. Awesome read! Nice to see an un-biased review of these hoverboards. I’ll be checking out these brands for my hoverboard purchase.


    1. Thanks for the kind words!


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