Introducing the SCROOSER Electric Scooter

The German-made SCROOSER electric scooter has earned quite a bit of buzz as of late. It’s an interesting piece of engineering that stands apart from the typical Razor-style electric scooters that compose the majority of the market.

It has a sleek, streamlined design where all of the power components are hidden out of sight. From a glance, you’d be hard struck to discern that it’s even an electric scooter at all. There is no visible engine block or battery pack.

The most striking feature of the SCROOSER electric scooter is it’s thick batman-style wheels. The wheels are much wider than any other electric scooter we’ve ever seen. How that affects the scooter’s handling is a point to investigate.

The SCROOSER garnered funding via a 2013 Kickstarter campaign and has earned praise and made sales ever since. But, coming in at a cost $5116, it’s no cheap pony. The SCROOSER electric scooter is one of the more expensive LEVs out there. So let’s take a closer look and see if it’s worth the price.

A Closer Look: SCROOSER Electric Scooter 

 Configuration Options

The SCROOSER is unique in that it can be configured for different intents. You can configure the scooter for sidewalk riding or make it legal for public streets.

According to Digital Trends, “Depending on how your SCROOSER is configured, the maximum speed is 3.7, 12.4, or 15.5 miles per hour. Maximum range per charge is 34 miles, so it’s best for use in neighborhoods, on campus, or within a small radius in a city or town.”

You can choose your desired configuration during the checkout process.

Impulse Drive System

Another interesting feature of the SCROOSER electric scooter is its impulse drive system.

The impulse drive system works by amplifying the rider’s kick push momentum. After initiating your movement with a kick push and reaching 2.5 mph, the electric motor will capitalize upon the rider’s contributed force and boost the power of the scooter. This boost will last for about 30 meters or until you provide a new impulse force with your leg.

The impulse drive system will automatically disable when you apply the brakes.

According to SCROOSER’s website, “Your muscle power is immediately complemented by the electric motor, enabling you to accelerate to speeds of up to 25 km/h. What makes the motor so special is that it analyses the force of your movements and adjusts the acceleration in line with your riding style – therefore it’s not just the heart of the SCROOSER, but the mind too.”

SCROOSER Electric Scooter Specifications

The SCROOSER is built with an all steel frame for optimum strength and durability. It contains front and rear-wheel braking, utilizing a hydraulic disc brake in the front and a mechanical disc brake in the rear.

It’s thick rubber tires come in at 18 x 9.5 – 8. The motor powers the scooter through the wheels in what’s known as an in-wheel hub motor. The 1000W motor can propel the electric scooter to speeds up to 15.5 mph.

The SCROOSER uses a lithium ion battery to store energy and achieves a range per charge of 34 miles. The battery pack is a removable 48V cell pack located beneath the floorboard and is not visible from the outside. The removable nature of the battery pack allows riders to purchase more than one battery and swap them out, thereby increasing the range. The battery charges in 2.5-4 hours.

Included in the street-legal configured SCROOSER model is a rearview mirror, and front and rear LED lights for safety. A small LED display is also built into the handlebars, which contains a speedometer, battery power, and driving mode setting.

While the SCROOSER is a finely constructed electric scooter with high quality component parts, it’s low speed capabilities and lack of bells and whistles – like Bluetooth speakers and mobile app – that we’ve come to expect in many light electric vehicles, make the price point difficult to swallow. While the SCROOSER is certainly an appealing option for urban and small town commuters, at five grand, it’s much less appealing.

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