Yes! Boosted Board Makes it Easier To Buy Their Boards in North America

During the initial boom in popularity of electric skateboards, Boosted Board quickly rose to the top of the pool, offering a premium product that blew most of the competition out of the water.

But in the past year, Boosted has faced a series of struggles, most notably in the fall of 2016. Last November, as Boosted Board prepared for the launch of their 2nd generation board, they faced a minor scandal where a couple of their boards experienced issues with water entering their lithium-ion battery cells, short circuiting the electronics, causing overheating and smoking.

While the electric skateboard’s fire retardant battery casings prevented any fires, the company still received a lot of bad press and had to remove their “water-resistant” claim from the Gen 2 board.

Nevertheless, due to their exceptional transparency and customer service, fans of the brand remained loyal to the company.

Boosted Board has since gotten things back on track and has moved forward with the launch of their 2nd generation board. The demand remained so high, in fact, that in order to get a board, you had to add your name to reservation list and wait until more electric skateboards arrived in stock.

But, on 4.25.17, Boosted announced on their website that the reservation campaign in North America would be coming to a close.

Let’s dive in and see what this entails exactly.

What Does the End of the Boosted Board Reservation Campaign Mean for Consumers?

Beginning on April 27th 2017, you will no longer be required to reserve your electric skateboard before finalizing payment and ordering. This only applies to customers in the United States and Canada.

With the reservation campaign lifted, customers can place direct orders for the dual and dual + electric skateboards with a standard range battery. These orders will ship in 2-4 weeks time. Al of these orders come with a 6 month warranty and the additional option to reserve an extended range battery pack with a 50% discount, i.e., at a price of $200. Reserving an extended range battery is free and you will not be charged for the battery pack until they are in stock and ready to ship in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Boosted Board provided a list on their site of those eligible for reserving the extended range battery packs:

You are eligible for this offer: 

  • If you are in the US or Canada and purchase a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery.
  • If you are an international customer and reserve a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery.
  • If you purchase a 2nd generation Dual+ with a standard range battery from one of our authorized retailers.

If you are a current 2nd generation board owner who did not elect to add an extended range battery pack to your order upon final payment. (If you already have an extended range pack coming, you are not eligible for this offer.)

Boosted Board’s reservation campaign isn’t the only thing coming to an end either. With the new deals they offer starting 4/27 for Gen 2 orders, some of the deals and opportunities previously available are coming to a close.

Here’s the post from Boosted detailing the deals that are ending:

…. your opportunity to reserve an extended range board and receive a free standard range battery pack ends on Thursday. This is also the final opportunity to qualify for a free 1-year extended warranty with the reservation of either a standard or an extended range board. This offer is valid for all reservations placed through 8:59am on Thursday, April 27. Be sure to reserve yours before it ends!

There are exceptions for International Reservations. If you live in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, you can still reserve the dual or dual + included with a standard range battery pack for $100. All of these reservations come with the extended 1-year warranty and option to reserve the extended pack for the 50% off rate of $200.

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