Best DIY E-Bike Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Let’s face it, e-bikes can be insanely expensive. A decent e-bike sold by one of the upper-crust brands, such as IZIP or Specialized: Turbo, can go anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000! That’s a major investment!

Given the cost, it should come as no surprise that many people prefer to go the DIY-route and custom build their own e-bikes. While this can still be an expensive route, depending on how crazy you want to go, it’s definitely cheaper than buying an e-bike off the shelf.

If you’re still contemplating whether to buy or build, check out our article: DIY E-bikes: To Buy or Build, That is the Question.

If you’ve already decided you’re more the DIY-type, there are tons of great resources out their offering detailed How-to’s and tutorials.

Video is often the best way to go with tutorials as you can see everything right on screen and don’t need to fly into a rage over poorly written instructions.

Here are some awesome DIY e-bike videos to get started.

5 Awesome DIY E-Bike Videos

In the realm of DIY E-bike vids, there are the long ones that teach you how to convert a bike to an e-bike and there are the shorter ones focusing on smaller things, like upgrading a battery or adding mirrors. Many of these videos apply to both bikes and e-bikes. For this list we will solely be focusing on e-bike specific videos.

The first three are full-conversion videos. Of all the videos we’ve watched these three are the most concrete and well developed.

The fourth and fifth videos focus on LED lighting and li-ion battery upgrades, respectively.

How to make an eBike (DIY)

How to make an electric bike for under $500!

DIY Electric Bike

How to add any LED lights to an electric bicycle

DIY: Balance Charging E-Bike lithium battery upgrade

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