What’s the Deal with Huger Electric Skateboards?

If you’re a fan of electric skateboards and frequent Reddit or Facebook groups on the topic, then you’ve likely noticed a new company contributing to the dialogue, named Huger Electric Skateboards.

So, aside from having an active social media manager, what do we know about this company?

To be honest, not much.

For one, they have yet to begin production or shipping. Huger, like so many other electric skateboard companies, are currently seeking funding through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Their early bird price for their flagship model, Huger Racer, is $600. The standard retail price will be $1200.

If you’re like me, then you’re pretty dang tired of reading articles about such and such amazing new electric skateboard company on Kickstarter or whatever, only to then get all excited, take part in the funding, and have your heart broken two years later when said company suddenly turns shady and drops off the grid, failing to meet delivery deadlines. Woof – that was a mouthful!

But, hey, we don’t want to appear cynical.

So for the sake of fairness to a company that may turn out to be perfectly swell, here’s the rundown on Huger electric skateboards (yes, they offer three models).

Huger Electric Skateboards: Who They Be?

As mentioned, Huger ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that ended on August 18th, having raised 600% on their initial 30K goal.

Not bad!

First orders are set to ship in October. This is definitely an optimistic turnaround time, but again, we will try not to be cynical.

The company, while located in Southern Cali, has all of their boards manufactured in China, which will certainly rub some people the wrong way.

I’m not too upset by this as most companies do the same, and Chinese manufacturing does not equal crap.

Sure, a lot of crap does come from China, but so does your iPhone and I don’t see anybody complaining about that (except the factory workers!).

Plus, all of Huger electric skateboard’s customer-facing divisions are located in America, so there’s no reason to assume their customer service will be less than adequate.

Okay, let’s jump into the specs.

Huger Electric Skateboards Product Overview

Huger electric skateboards offers 3 models to consider: Huger Racer, Huger Travel, and Huger Classic.

The Racer is their traditional longboard, although the deck is kind of weirdly shaped in that it has a rounded nose and thinner, pointed tail. This gives it a strange appearance that some may find uncomfortable.

The Travel is a longboard / standard skate deck hybrid of sorts. This one seems even stranger as it looks as if it would lack the flexibility for carving that’s necessary on a longboard. But it also does not have a convex tail or nose, so how one steers this thing is beyond me. This board will definitely require some super loose trucks to maneuver, so keep that in mind.

The Classic is clearly the bastard child of the line. For one, it looks as if their branding manager took the week off during the design of this board. It completely lacks the look and aesthetic of the other two boards to a comical level. But, despite being the ugly duckling, this board does have a nice big tail and an old school rounded nose for a 70’s style ride.

Here are the basic specs for each model, snipped from Huger’s Indiegogo page.

Huger electric skateboards

The most impressive detail to note are the electric skateboard’s ranges, listed at: 25 mph, 20 mph, and 15 mph.

Also, the LED lights and turning signals are pretty unique.

One last point, concerning the specs, is the claim of “Waterproof IPX6 Rated.” This is misleading on a semantic level as IPX6 does not mean fully waterproof, but water resistant. So, technically the Huger electric skateboard is not waterproof, i.e., you can’t submerge the board.

This shouldn’t be shocking as most electric skateboards are not waterproof, but the language itself is misleading. So be aware.

What’s in the Box?!

Come October, given Huger meets their deadline, a nice rectangular box will arrive at your beautiful doorstep containing the electric skateboard, set of advanced bushings (Travel and Racer only), T-tool, charger, remote, and Micro USB.

All of this costs $600 (Racer) for early bird contributers to their campaign. The standard retail price will be $1200.

Check out an unboxing video:

Here’s a video posted by Huger:

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  1. Love your guys’ articles! I have high hopes for Huger. Actually recently did a “first impressions” video 🤓.


    Anyhow, wonderful articles. Keep em coming!


    1. Thanks Neil!


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