The Ruffian E-Bike: Rustic Style Combined with Cutting Edge Power

Some electric bikes are made just to get you from point A to point B while others focus on speed and still others on power. Now, there’s a new crop of e-bikes growing in popularity – those dedicated to style. That’s where The Ruffian e-bike falls.

The Ruffian electric bike is described on the Ruff Cycles website as a “high-performance e-bike for real men.” And there’s no doubt that the rustic design is geared toward men; the robust aluminum frame looks like something out of a 1950s advertisement for Greasers with Fonzie from Happy Days.

The Ruffian e-bike is a high-end German electric bike designed to look like a motorbike. Still, while the style might be for guys, the solid ride works for anyone.

Inside the Ruffian E-bike

The Ruffian is all about power. It’s equipped with the strongest Bosch drive on the market. It’s a 500Wh power pack with a 250W Performance CX pedal-assist motor, which allows riders to go up to 20 mph in North America and 16mph in Europe. It’s an impressive peak speed considering this bike is no lightweight.

The Ruffian e-bike weighs a substantial 73 pounds, far over the typical 50 pounds you see in most other e-bikes. What does this mean for the rider? On steep inclines, while the Bosch motor—with 75Nm of torque—will keep chugging, you’ll probably want to use pedal assist to get up the hill.

What’s more impressive than the power of the motor is The Ruffian e-bike’s battery performance. On one 3.5-hour charge, the e-bike has a peak range of 56 miles. This means you’ll be able to get more than neighborhood rides out of The Ruffian and you won’t be spending all your time “refueling.”

The engine is connected to an eight-speed Shimano gearbox and front and rear disc breaks for stopping power. You’ll also find front and rear LED lighting, an adjustable leather spring saddle, 3-inch wide tires on 26-inch wheels, and dragster handlebars.

Unique Style

Really though, The Ruffian e-bike is all about its style. You’ll find faster and higher performance e-bikes on the market, but few can live up to the looks of this old-fashioned chopper-style bike.

The Ruffian e-bike is all about clean lines, which is why most of the components are internal, so as not to mar the look. The battery, engine, and hub gearbox are all hidden and out of sight. This results in an e-bike that looks more like a well-oiled machine than something a kid would ride.

So, it makes sense that The Ruffian e-bike debuted at a motorcycle exhibition. The goal with this bike was to make riders forget they’re on a e-bike, and if it weren’t for the fact that you have to pedal and wear a bike helmet, we’d say that Ruff Cycles did a great job.

The three styles of black, brown, and grey lets riders choose their experience from sleek to old-fashioned to rustic. It offers a little bit of customization for everyone, though you’ll pay for it.

It’s a niche e-bike, and the price reflects the looks.

The Price

Unfortunately, the not so impressive portion of The Ruffian is its fairly hefty price tag. Starting at $6,500 USD, this bike isn’t cheap. You’re paying for the powder-coated aluminum frame available in three colors, and its one-of-a-kind looks.

Still, if you’re looking to catch the attention of everyone around you, the price might be worth it.

What People Are Saying?

So, what are people saying about The Ruffian e-bike?

Rat Road Bikes said, “While it’s true that electric bikes of this level aren’t within everyone’s budget, we’re just happy to see that Ruff Cycles is putting the stake in the ground and showing everyone that you can build a gorgeous looking product that is extremely useful and fun to ride too.”

While Bosch Global said, “Travel in style with The Ruffian #eBike. Dynamic, well built & epowered by the strongest Bosch Drive on the market.”

So, what do we think of The Ruffian e-bike?

It’s a solid addition to the e-bike market and ideal for someone who’s not concerned about sticking to a budget. There’s no doubt that it’s a good looking machine with some pretty powerful and impressive components, so you’re not going to go to wrong.

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