I-Ride Electric Skateboard Wants To Change The Way People Commute

Years from now, when we look back at traditional skateboarders using their feet to propel themselves forward, it may look as ridiculous as Fred Flintstone stopping his car with his heels.

With the I-Ride electric skateboard, man—or woman–no longer needs to have one strong leg to get around. To use another fictional analogy, imagine if Marty McFly had not gone so far into the future and was instead tooling around Hill Valley on an electric skateboard, the precursor to the hoverboard.

I-Ride, Therefore I Am

The folks behind the I-Ride electric skateboard describe their product as the “Next Gen eBoard That Fits In Your Backpack.” If they want to sell more units to little old ladies who like to gamble in casinos, I suggest they add, “Or Fanny Pack.”

Unlike other electric skateboards, the frame is made of “premium brushed aluminum” making it look a bit like a moving bottle opener. Although, doubling as a bottle opener may be a good feature to add.

I can make these ridiculous suggestions because the I-Ride electric skateboard is still in the Indiegogo stage of production.

For anywhere from $399 to $649, backers can pre-order an I-Ride or an I-Ride Pro for a savings of 27-42% off suggested retail. Or, for $59 you can support the cause by just ordering the merchandise package which includes a T-shirt and hat. Delivery is promised January of 2018.

(Don’t make the mistake of clicking the link to “I Ride Alone” on Indiegogo or you may wind up inadvertently supporting a “gripping true story of veteran Kevin Benedec” who, with the help of his mother, becomes a preacher.)

The I-Ride electric skateboard team promises to revolutionize the way people commute. So, let’s look at the stats, shall we?

I-Ride Electric Skateboard Product Specs

For Basic I-Ride:

Speed: 12MPH

Weight: 12 lbs.

Wheel Size: 70 mm PU

Motor: Single Hub

Wheel Color: Orange

Grade: 10%

Weight: 250 lbs

For the I-Ride Pro:

Speed: 20 MPH

Weight: 15 lbs

Wheel Size: 83 mm PU

Motor: Double Hub

Wheel Color: Black

Grade: 20%

Weight: 280 lbs

For both the I-Ride and the I-Ride Pro:

Distance Range: Up to 20 miles

Dimensions: 20” by 8.5”

Braking: Regenerative

Control: Handheld Remote

Battery: Fully rechargeable in 2 hours

So, if you weigh under 250 pounds, don’t like going faster than 12 MPH and live in a flat area, get the I-Ride electric skateboard. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, dislike orange, but like your motors double “hubbed,” go for the I-Ride Pro. If you can’t stand up on an electric skateboard, just order the T-shirt.

The makers of I-Ride seem to be particularly proud of their product’s uniqueness, portability and affordability. They call it the “Commuting Solution.”

“I-Ride isn’t just for skaters…It’s for the young professional looking for a new way to commute to work, the student in need of a faster way to move between classes, and the teenager that wants a fun way to get around with friends.”

Just don’t take the I-Ride electric skateboard on a date or you’ll spend the entire evening arguing over who gets the remote.

The makers also claim anyone can learn to master the I-Ride electric skateboard in five minutes. To prove their point, they have thoughtfully included a video on their Indiegogo site featuring a girl riding an I-Ride. Because, you know, if a girl can learn to ride, anyone can.

I suppose they could have said, “So easy a caveman can do it” but cavemen are so 2004.

Another claim is one I’m not sure they can make with confidence. “It can fit in an average backpack and is flight-ready.”

With some airlines putting restrictions on laptops, phones and anything with a battery, that may not be the case next year. I would check with the airline before dragging your I-Ride electric skateboard to the airport.

In a bit of an ironic twist, I-Ride says, “Nothing else like it” then proceeds to match their product with competitors who, apparently, have something else like it.

The competitors, who are only identified as A, B, C and D, allegedly have electric skateboards which are more expensive ($999-$1399) and heavier (14-16 pounds) made with inferior materials (maple wood, wood core composites and carbon fiber) with a lower max range (7-14 miles as opposed to I-Ride’s 20.)

So, if you’re looking to get in early on an electric skateboard that could be your “Commuting Solution” then hop on over to I-Ride’s Indiegogo page to be one of the early backers. Or, you can just wait until the product hits the market knowing you will have to pay a little bit more when it goes public.

Or, you could just buy the I-Ride T-shirt and take the train to work.

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  1. To whom this may concern,

    Thanks for the input on a new design me and my team have come up with. I would first like to emphasize how Niche markets work. Have we created something vastly different than the traditional board? Yes, but it does not stop there. We have provided many options/models for users in the the tech-savvy niche market AND traditional rider market, who are geared more toward our “Classic” models. You may say the design is a glorified bottle opener but I say it is a modern work of art. You see perspective and opinions are relative to the buyer/user, who matters most. Let’s let the buyers/users decide what they want and how it looks. Now let’s take a look at the specs: on top of our competitive performance specs you have left out a crucial detail. Our board is the most compact board out there and when comparing its specs to existing competitors we are at the top of the food chain. It truly is the “Commuting Solution”, unless you can show me another product at this size that gets you where you need to be at a competitive price for LEV’s. The video has over 9 minutes of footage showing a variety of people trying our board for the first time and riding it with ease along with plenty of testimonials for social proof, thus validating the intuitiveness of our design. Simply put if you don’t want the board don’t buy it. We know what we have created is solving a large scale issue in the world, so if you want to ride the future of commuting please visit our Indiegogo page and grab yourself a board at a great price!

    Thanks for listening,
    Brad Gausewitz
    Chief Technology Officer, CTO
    I-Ride Technologies


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