The Frustrating Saga of the Eon Scooter Indiegogo Campaign

On August 22, 2017, a backer of the Eon Scooter’s crowdfunding campaign left a mic-drop worthy comment on the company’s Indiegogo page concerning Eon’s multiple delays in shipping what the company calls “The #1 Most Crowd Funded E-Scooter In History!”

At least you are staying true to your name. Eon: definition (n). an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time

Can I get an “Ouch”?

A Little Background On Eon Scooter

Before we examine the present and future of Eon Scooter, let’s fire up the time machine and take a quick trip back to early 2015.

According to the Eon Scooter Indiegogo Timeline, the Eon Scooter was conceived and a prototype was ridden back in January of 2015. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was launched the following year in October of 2016. The company promised “direct shipping from factory to backers” by March of 2017

When March came and went, without one scooter being shipped, many backers of the Eon Scooter began experiencing the 7 Stages of Grief.

Campaign Contributors Get Pissed

Discussions and arguments began breaking out in the comments section on the Eon Scooter Indiegogo page, on Reddit, and among the 854 members of the Eon Scooter Owners/Backers Group on Facebook.

It appears, initially, backers wanted to remain optimistic. But a general suspicion of crowdsourcing prevailed.

As one Reddit user on the e-bikes subreddit pointed out early on:

Waiting for crowdfunding stuff is a risky business – not only do they commonly miss their targets, they often fail to deliver at all – or produce a product so far off the original specs that it’s blatant mis-selling.

On April 17, “Dave & The Eon Scooter Team” (“Dave” is Dave Greenberg, founder and CEO of Eon Scooter) posted the following update on their Indiegogo page:

While we know everyone is anxious to receive their scooters & we are anxious to produce them, there are a number of quality control & manufacturing logistics steps go into the process & working with a number of sourcing partners & a manufacturer leaves us at the mercy of our partners for some elements of the process so while we would like to give a hard date for production start, we are hesitant to do so just yet & have to move the goal post so we’re taking it one step at a time  &providing you all with up to date details as they arise. We anticipate 30 days for file finalization & once production/assembly lines start to roll we anticipate hundreds a week to immediately ship to backers in order of their Batch #.

Over the next few months, a pattern emerged.

“Dave & The Eon Scooter Team” would postpone the shipping date, give updates on manufacturing and engineering then make promises they couldn’t or wouldn’t fulfill.

Perks, such as chargers, wheels, and headlights were given an estimated delivery date of August with the actual Eon Scooter being shipped in December.

The company claimed new designs would be revealed by the end of August, yet their last update of that month was on the 22nd.

Backers were understandably upset. Some asked for refunds while others began making explosive accusations.

From the Reddit group, Eon Scooter Facts vs Fiction:

Yes, it now seems obvious that Eon was either a scam from the get go, or they bit off far more than they could chew and now they’re too far down the rabbit hole to turn back. My guess is that Eon will keep delaying and keep coming up with ever more creative excuses until one day they just stop updating and commenting. It will then take people a little while to fully comprehend that there is no scooter and they’ve been conned.

Other backers were concerned but still hopeful. Again, from the Indiegogo comments section:

I do get that the extension of options has delayed it. its just a shame it affects those less interested in all the add ons. I know it’ll be worth it in the end so not going to whine about it but do want to raise a concern that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year shipping never works and every campaign that promises it ends up shipping in March because China shuts down in Jan/Feb! Eon please try to start delivering in small batches before January. It will save our sanity & your own 🙂

The community seems divided at this point as to whether the company is “a scam from the get go,” or just a startup that “bit off far more than they could chew.” Only time will tell.

As one supporter gushed:

EON SCOOTER and DAVID GREENBERG, 99% of the backers are with you and thank you all for great job. We are CONFIDENT you will do as you say and we do not side with these few who gave up.

A Flicker of Hope Remains

MeanMeanwhile, backers will continue to check their email in hopes that a delivery date will be finalized. Judging from comments online, most people who invested want the actual product rather than a refund.

Until the Eon Scooter arrives at their front door, however, even the most ardent supporter will remain doubtful.

As one astute commenter noted:

I think Eon most likely got confused between social engineering and real engineering. Mic drop.

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  1. While Eon’s newest timeline states that production will start in November 2017, there is an easy to see indicator of the real progress on the campaign page: The project is supported by Arrow Electronics. Arrow Incubation means the project is still is design state. Arrow Certification means that the product is ready for manufacturing, and there is a prototype and a valid bill of materials available.

    Eon Scooter project is in Incubation phase. Six weeks before start of production? Not really trustworthy.

    Eon is still marking all inconvenient backers as refunded, but they have not refunded any.
    With their poor justifications they are caught up in contradictions, now they have no chance anymore to escape from their web of lies.


  2. The Eon campaign is still engaging in an awful lot of shady and suspicious activity. For example, and as someone mentioned above, Eon has marked several backers as “refunded” without actually refunding them. What’s up with that? In addition, Eon keeps falsely claiming that they’ll post material campaign information on both Indiegogo and their “private backer Facebook page”. Yet they’re refusing to post this alleged information on Indiegogo. It makes no sense whatsoever and only further creates suspicion that they’re up to no good and trying to hide something.

    Throughout Eon’s entire campaign their words have rarely matched their actions. Even just four days ago they said “update coming on Tuesday!”. Tuesday comes and goes, and no update. If they can’t even keep their word on something as simple as an update they promised only a few days before, why would any sane person believe Eon’s further-out time projections? Especially since Eon has missed literally every prior deadline they’ve set!

    Bottom line is, Eon very likely won’t deliver anything. Dave Greenberg has repeatedly shown that he is incompetent and untrustworthy. When all is said and done a number of backers are going to learn a valuable albeit expensive lesson about trusting people who have repeatedly shown themselves to be untrustworthy.


  3. It’s now December, and some things never change. Eon has confirmed they will miss their THIRD production deadline of “Nov/Dec+”. Not that missing this deadline was ever in doubt, because Eon & Dave Greenberg continue to act super shady. They keep saying “we’re going to do this” and “we’re going to do that” but the evidence of such work never seems to show up. Imagine that.

    In addition, Eon keeps vigorously deleting entirely reasonable questions on their Indiegogo campaign page. Almost like they’re afraid that if other backers see those questions, those other backers will start to notice that – indeed – nothing about this campaign ever really adds up.

    Eon now says they’ll be shipping from China in February and March, completely ignoring the fact that Chinese factories are closed for almost an entire month during that time. Whoops! Oh, and ignoring the fact that their prototype still isn’t even done! The same prototype they say they’ve been working on for over three years now!! Good grief, this is an electric scooter, not a space shuttle.

    I remain perplexed and gob-smacked that such an obvious scam can keep going on and on and on, and 99% of the backers say nothing about it. I suppose they’ll eventually figure it out when years pass, and they still don’t own an Eon scooter. I still don’t think Eon will ever deliver anything. They’re just stalling now, trying to keep up appearances that they might actually be doing something. It’s funny that if you read all of Eon’s prior updates going back a year, it becomes even more obvious that they’re up to no good. But apparently the average Eon backer is a little “slow” to pick up on any of this.

    Will see you in a couple months, when Eon misses its FOURTH deadline.


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