7 Incredible Electric Scooter Accessories on Amazon

When it comes to fashion accessories, a belt can pull an outfit together and make you look like a Calvin Klein supermodel. Or it can hold your pants up and keep you from being a $10,000 winner on America’s Funniest Video. A belt can also do both things at once.

The same is true for almost any product accessory. When purchasing accessories, we often debate form vs. function and luxury vs. necessity.

It’s no different with electric scooter accessories. After buying an electric scooter, we need to decide which accessories will make our lives easier or safer and which items will just make the experience more fun.

Here are some electric scooter accessories on Amazon worth considering.

Lock Her Up

Valet My Stick Scooter Combination Cable Lock

If you leave your electric scooter outside without supervision, you might as well hang a “Steal Me” sign from the handlebars. And, since a quality “Steal Me” sign will cost you around 20 bucks, you’d be better off spending that cash on a quality lock.

In fact, on the list of most important electric scooter accessories, a lock should occupy the number one position.

This Valet My Stick lock also works on snowboards, skateboards and Razor RipStiks. It uses a combination lock instead of a key or Bluetooth but, since we already memorize a bunch of passwords, what’s one more series of numbers to recall?

A Gripping Tale

Friendly Grip Tape

Grip tape isn’t just for people who do tricks. Grip tape is also for people who like to remain upright while riding.

Grip tape is also a good way to personalize your electric scooter.

There are many grip tapes on the market but the Friendly Grip Tape has the word “FRIENDLY” written in big letters which is a perfect message if you are friendly or an ironic message if you’re not.

It comes in a single sheet and fits most scooters although you may have to do a bit of cutting.

C* H* A* R* G* E…CHARGE!

Ueasy Scooter Handle Front Charger Bag

Is there anything in this world more panic inducing than leaving your house without a phone charger? Well, just imagine leaving your house without the charger for your electric scooter.

This Ueasy charger bag fits over your handlebars and secures with Velcro straps so you don’t need any special equipment to put it on or take it off. If you don’t know how to use Velcro then perhaps we shouldn’t trust you with the operation of an electric scooter.

At $19.99, this is one of those optional electric scooter accessories that will help you transport one of your essential electric scooter accessories. It’s also big enough to also hold your keys, cash and… phone charger.

Helmet Hair

Vihir Multi Sports Helmet

Do the words “impact protection” mean anything to you? If not, how about the words “melon squashing?”

Brian injuries are one of those things you don’t want to think about… but you may not be able to think about if you get a brain injury. So, think about it now while you still can!

A helmet is one of those fashionable electric scooter accessories that also serve a purpose.

The Vihir helmet comes in one of four colors: black, white, red and blue. It meets all helmet safety standards and has an adjustable dial to insure a snug fit. Best of all, it has air vents to keep your head cool and stink-free on ridiculously hot days.

Lanyard’s Aren’t Just for VIP’s

Cell Phone Lanyard

Wearing your cell phone around your neck is a good alternative to digging it out of a backpack when a call comes in.

The Universal Lanyard Cell Phone Holder keeps your phone available for calls and texts. You can also wear it on your wrist or attach it to a bag. It has a slot in the back for credit cards, ID or cash.

But be prepared to shove your phone down your pants if it starts to rain. The Universal Lanyard is not waterproof.

When It Rains…

Emergency Rain Poncho

Speaking of rain, for $17.99 you can get a 20-pack of emergency rain ponchos from Juvale.

They come in five different colors, are one-size-fits-all and small enough to carry in your pocket. An emergency rain pancho is one of those electric scooter accessories you won’t know you need until you need one.

Bring an extra one for a friend and they’ll be a friend for life…or, at least a foul weather friend.

Smile, You’re on Camera!

Go Pro Body Mount
The CamKix Body Mount allows you to strap your Go Pro Hero to your body, wrist or head. So, if you are one of those people who think your every move should be streamed to your family, friends and fans then this is one of those must-have electric scooter accessories.

The customer reviews for this product are all 4-5 stars, which makes it a great deal for $25.99.

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