Best Electric Skateboard Resources for Beginners and Experts

Becoming an expert in almost anything involves as much learning as doing. You can run sprints all day and throw a football until your arm is useless but if you don’t learn the rules and can’t follow the play calls, you’ll suck on the field.


The same is true for electric skateboarding. Learning how to ride without wiping out is just one part of the equation. You also need to know about engineering, maintenance and bargain hunting. You need to engage with the best electric skateboard resources and learn about electric skateboards, their components, and the companies involved.

And, while fellow electric skateboard enthusiasts are always good for a tip or two, written advice from an expert can’t be beat.

Here are some electric skateboard resources worth checking out.

A Little Electric Skateboard Reading

If you’ve never been on an electric skateboard and wonder how to keep from killing yourself, wonder no more. The Electric Rider has a tutorial called “How to Ride an Electric Skateboard” which will teach you–as the title promises—how to ride an electric skateboard. The article is geared towards both the “complete novice” and skateboarders who want to pull a “Bob Dylan” and go electric.

Another site DIY Electric Skateboard features a Beginner’s Guide to building your own electric skateboard. Their electric skateboard resource site also sells a vast array of electric skateboard parts and kits. The salespeople are very helpful. Within seconds, I was asked to chat: “Welcome! Can we help you with anything? Do you have any questions?” Minutes later, a second chat, this time with Alex. “Did you have any questions? Please let us know if we can help!” I’m guessing if I browsed a little longer, I would have seen a triple exclamation point!!! I guess it’s better than being ignored.

When it comes to electric skateboard resources, nothing is more helpful than a product review. If you are buying your first electric skateboard or upgrading to a new one, you should let other people do the test riding for you.

Buy! Buy! Buy! 

Electric Skateboard Reviews is run by three male model-looking dudes with piercing eyes (seriously, is that really them or did they cut out pics from an old GQ?) who review electric skateboards in more of a blog style.

On the other hand, Best Electric Skateboard Guide has more of a Consumer Reports feel to it because of the grid format to their reviews. Motoskate combines the two formats with both a blog and a review section.

If you’d rather interact with other electric skateboards, Electric Skateboard Builders has a forum where you can post questions or just read answers. It’s one of those good electric skateboard resources for people who like a community feel.

Blog! Blog! Blog! 

Blogs are an interesting electric skateboard resource because you can get a feel for the electric skateboard lifestyle by reading accounts from other riders. Not all have known authors, however. E-skateboard Living is run by a nameless, photo-less blogger who also likes to write about gaming. His blog posts have personality even if he’s determined to hide his identity. “Tactile paving—The bane of any electric skate boarder’s life” is just one of his blog posts. I like anybody who uses the word “bane” without mentioning Batman.

Sammy Jackson of Longboard Brand says about himself, “You guys got the best passionate person of longboarding on Earth—I’m Sammy! My life and soul is all for longboarding. Suit up! I’ll show you!”

Such enthusiasm! Sammy should work for DIY Electric Skateboard!!!

I should add: Sammy’s high-energy bio was beneath a very serious photo where he was grabbing his hair. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be sexy, having a nervous breakdown or just jonesin’ to longboard. There’s a section on the site called “Longboard for Girl” which is either a typo or an admission that only one girl on the planet wants to Longboard.

On ESK8.Today, you’ll be greeted by a photo of an ominous sunset but don’t be scared. Their blog is worth visiting for the glossary alone. If you don’t know your ESC from your VESC you might want to do some studying.

Sometimes when you read blogs, you can get caught up emotionally. On Long Haired Boy Custom Electric Skateboards, I saw the following message:

Hurricane Irma is Coming, And She Looks Pissed

We are temporarily suspending operations in order to prepare ourselves for the impending hurricane. Irma looks like some serious shit, so we’re taking it seriously. Hit the Read More link for information on how this affects us as well as you.

That was their last post! I hope you’re okay, Long Haired Boy. I hope you’re okay.

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