The Remoteless Starkboard E-Skate Looks Better than ZBoard

Losing a remote control is almost as frustrating as finding a remote control, then realizing it’s for a different device. In 2017, even people of sound mind have tried to change their Roku with a 15-year-old VCR remote found in the cushions of grandma’s old couch.

It would appear the StarkBoard Electric Skateboard has solved this modern-day problem by creating a hands-free, remoteless, electric skateboard, now offered on Indiegogo.

Have Electric Skateboards Jumped the Stark? 

Stark Mobility is the mastermind behind the StarkBoard electric skateboard. (And, if you are wondering why they don’t have the domain, it’s because is a site for disposable cutting boards…none of which look safe to ride.)

Instead of using a traditional remote, the StarkBoard electric skateboard is controlled by weight (basically ensuring no women over the age of 30 will ride.) Your weight, combined with motion sensors, allows you to ride just by leaning forward.

The company says, “Step on, lean forward and ride.” I’m guessing it’s more like “Step on, lean forward, ride, fall, step on, lean forward and ride.”

How Does This Magic Machine Work?

Gyroscopes, along with the motion sensors, allow this smart board to track your bodies’ movements and continually assist and adjust while riding. You can go forward and in reverse. The even smarter braking system does the braking for you.

So, if the StarkBoard electric skateboard is taking cues from body movements, what happens when you sneeze? Does is then become “Step on, lean forward, ride, sneeze, break abruptly, fall, wipe nose, step on, lean forward and ride?”

The designers claim you can master the StarkBoard electric skateboard in just three minutes.

How Much? 

The Indiegogo page sets the early bird perk at $499. For this, you get the StarkBoard, the battery, and the charger. You can also buy an extra charger for $39 and an additional battery for $149.

The batteries are meant to last for 13 miles and are designed for easy swaps so the cost for a spare may be money well spent.

StarkBoard also offers a double-double deal, which gets you two Starkboard electric skateboards (plus two batteries and two chargers) for $999. If you do the math, you’ll see that buying two double-doubles is a dollar more than buying two boards individually. It’s like saying, “T-shirts for ten dollars. Two for $21.”

The estimated shipping date for these items is February of 2018.

Stark Mobility (which sounds like a bad league of super heroes) is located in Berlin, Germany. As of this writing, they have raised 312% of their original $20,000 flexible goal. With 126 backers, it’s safe to say there is interest in this product.

”Welcome to the Future of Mobility”

The above quote is taken directly from the StarkBoard Indiegogo page, but it sounds more like an ad for a nursing home than a dope electric skateboard.

But if what the creators say is true, it does sound like a fun ride. The StarkBoard electric skateboard has a top speed of 20 MPH. Its wheels are extra-large to navigate different terrains and it can handle obstacles better than Paul Blart on a Segway. The HUB motor enables you to ride an uphill incline of 15%. The intelligent brakes help out on the other side of that hill.

What’s the Downside? 

You’re asking yourself, “How could there possibly be a downside?” The StarkBoard electric skateboard sounds like an electric skateboarder’s dream come true.

Well, if you want a downside, go no further than Reddit. Called Reddit because commenters are always red in the face (not sure if that’s actually true or just something I made up), the thread is thick with suspicion.

While the rest of the StarkBoard electric skateboard reviews are all smiling unicorns, puppy dogs and floating hearts, Reddit is all flame throwers, falling boulders and floating skulls. And that’s why I love Reddit.

“This project is a scam,” says one. “Absolute scum of the earth,” says another. “I saw this scam a mile away and even called them out on it,” says another not-so-satisfied potential customer.

Buyer Beware

As with any Indiegogo campaign, do your research before pulling out your credit card. Or, pay a little more once the StarkBoard electric skateboard hits the market.

For more info about the Starkboard, check out the latest episode the NYC E-Board Crew Testing out the Starkboard.

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