Best Electric Skateboards for Christmas Gifts

If Santa were real, elves would build the best electric skateboards for the low, low price of zero with delivery costing a couple of cookies and a cold glass of milk.

(Only if you have Santa Clause Prime.)

If Santa were real, all the good girls and boys could try out the best electric skateboards from the Island of Misfit Skateboards.

If Santa were real—and liked electric skateboards—one of the reindeer would be named Gnarly.

The World Without a Santa Clause

Those who live south of the North Pole—in what we like to call The Real World—know that Santa is a myth. Which means, if we want to buy an electric skateboard as a gift, we must pay the big—or medium—bucks. (No, that’s not a reindeer reference.)

Beginner? Intermediate? Expert?

As with any purchase, use common sense when buying an electric skateboard for somebody else. If the recipient has never ridden before, don’t spend two grand on something which could become an expensive door stop. Conversely, an expert rider doesn’t want an electric skateboard that looks like it was bought at Toys R Us.

Here are some of the best electric skateboards in a wide price range.

Naughty and Nice


SwagTron Electric Skateboard

At $199, the Swagtron electric skateboard is the perfect entry-level e-skate. It has a max speed of 11 MPH, which is a controllable speed for a novice rider.

The durable polyurethane wheels absorb shock and can support a 187-pound rider.

The Swagtron comes with grip tape, which is one less accessory you’ll have to buy

Acton Blink Lite

For $249, the Acton is one of the best electric skateboards for the person who likes to carry their board everywhere since Acton likes to call itself the lightest e-skateboard on the planet.

It has a max speed of 10 MPH and can handle 8% inclines. The charge time for the battery is two hours.

Genesis Tomahawk 

The Genesis Tomahawk is currently $399, but on the website, it states, “Due to extreme demand, quantities are limited at the current discounted price.”

It has a speed of 20 MPH with a range per charge of 20 miles. The GT has a brushless DC motor with 250W-260W x 2 output power. It can handle inclines twice as steep as the Acton Blink Lite.

Atom Electric H10 Longboard 

Atom electric longboard

Now, we’re getting a bit pricey at $499. The Atom Electric H10 has a 36” bamboo/maple hybrid deck.

The company is particularly proud of the safety of their regenerative braking. Not only is the braking system reliable, the Atom Electric technology lets the rider recharge the battery while using the brakes.

Yuneec E go 2



yuneec e-go

You’ll have to fork over $699 for a Yuneec electric skateboard. At just 13.9 lbs., the E-GO2 is light and easy to transport.

The E-GO Cruiser App connects via Bluetooth so everything you need is in the palm of your hand.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard 

inboard m1 electric skateboard

At $1399, we’re starting to get into used car money. But, with an electric skateboard this good, a car may no longer be necessary.

With a top speed of 22 MPH, the Inboard M1 can tackle a hill grade of 18%. The battery is designed for an easy swap.

It has regenerative braking and four safe riding modes. It’s approved for air travel, so the recipient can fly home with the gift after Christmas.

Enertion Raptor 2 


The $1466 price tag seems steep, but they guarantee a “110% refund” if unsatisfied. The first batch sold out proving this is one of the best electric skateboards on the market. A second batch is due after January, 2018.

They claim their e-skate battery is 4X greater than the competition.

Mellow Board 

Battery of Mellow Electric Skateboards

For $2,095, the Mellow Drive Kit contains the Mellow Drive, battery pack, Mellow remote, charger, front truck, front wheels, bearings, mounting hardware, risers and manual.

The Mellow Drive fits any skateboard. That’s right, it’s a kit for an electric skateboard, not the actual skateboard itself. As the company says, “Your Board, Your Way.”

Evolve Carbon Street 

The $2,159 Evolve is like two electric skateboards in one, which makes it one of the best electric skateboards. The rider can switch between the GT Street and the GT AT setup in minutes.

The Street GT can go up to 31 miles and the All-Terrain GT can go over 18 miles. Top speed is 26 mph for the Street and 25 mph for the All-Terrain.

Thank You, Santa!

From just under $200 to just over $2,000, there’s an electric skateboard for every e-rider enthusiast. Your gift of an electric skateboard, will be the best gift this Christmas.

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