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Electric bikes have erupted in popularity, due in part to increased urban density and their versatility. Some major players in the industry of electric bikes include Pedego, X-Treme, and IZIP. Stay tuned in for weekly coverage of all things electric bikes!

The Best E-bikes under $1000 in 2018

The gift-giving (and receiving) season is almost upon us. Your friends and family no doubt know about your interest in biking in general and e-biking specifically, but what’s a cyclist to do if you don’t want to bet the house on this trend? Much like cars, e-bikes are a thing you can spend as much

Best Electric Bikes for Christmas Gifts [For Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts]

Christmas is just around the corner and you still haven’t bought that e-bike you’ve been pining for! Why not? Is it because there are just so many great bikes out there for you to choose from? If so, let me help you separate the wheat from the chaff! In the past year I have ridden

Junto e-bike

Junto Engineers Easy to Ride E-bikes for Urban Commuters [Philly Style]

  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the good folks over at Junto E-Bikes. Their offices are located in Northwest Philadelphia about 15 minutes from Center City. Their office had a cool vibe to it – part workshop and part tech startup. I sat down with Sam Ebert, Junto’s Product Manager and devout

best e-bike lights

The Best E-Bike Lights on Amazon for 2018

There are a lot of e-bike riders out there that like to wake at the crack of dawn and go for long, supposedly invigorating rides. I am not one of those people. The morning is a time I unwillingly participate in. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that I do like to go

crowdsourced e-bikes lined up

Awesome Crowdsourced E-bikes You Need to Check Out!

Crowd sourcing isn’t anything new. As a word, it was coined back in 2005 but as a concept it has been around since the early 1700’s when the British government offered a public prize to whoever could solve a particular navigation problem. Basically crowdfunding is a way for someone with a good idea to get

genesis i4 mountaineer e-bike

Best Budget E-bike: The Genesis i4 Mountaineer E-bike

About a week ago, I received a bit of a surprise. Arriving home from work I had discovered that the publishers of this lovely site had arranged for an i4 Mountaineer e-bike to be delivered to me for review. When I write one of these e-bike reviews, I normally save my opinion on the ruggedness

riding an onway e-bike

E-bike Review: This Onway E-bike is a Great Option for New Riders

The name of this Onway e-bike pretty much tells you everything you need to know. With 7 speeds and 750 watts, this bike and its fat tires are set to take you across mixed terrain like sand or snow. At 750 watts of power, you should be able to go up the steepest of hills

Bill De Blasio E-Bike

New York City’s Longstanding War on E-Bikes

(Feature image source: NYC.Gov) When a politician makes a seemingly bone-headed decision, we’re told to “follow the money” if we want to learn the truth behind the policy. In the case of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s war on electric bikes, however, following the money—and the logic—is as easy as bobbing for apples while

10 Best Electric Bikes on Amazon [The Official Best Sellers]

Today I want to talk about Amazon. If one looks into the Amazon you can find an astounding number of wild animals, flora and fauna that defy imagination and boggle the mind. The rain forest and….. What’s that? You wanted me to write about the best electric bikes on Amazon not in the Amazon? Okay,

Ono Archont Electric Bike

10 Great Electric Bikes for 2018 [And One That is Completely Ridiculous]

Here we are. The year is very quickly winding down, and it can mean one thing…LISTICLES GALORE! If you look around online, you’ll find that there are many choices for electric bikes, but people always want a definitive answer, and I would love to give you one, but the thing with e-bikes is that there