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Electric scooters are one of the most popular light electric vehicles for everyday commuting. Some major players in the electric scooter industry include Razor and Citybug. Stay tuned in for weekly coverage of all things electric scooters including company overviews, product reviews, news updates and more!

Everything You Need to Know about the Vespa Electric Scooter

When people think about Vespa, a couple of very vivid yet opposing images come to mind. For some, it’s Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn improbably tooling around Italy in Roman Holiday. For others, it is a more visceral image. Picture hundreds of buzzing wasps roaring with a giant cloud of blue two-stroke smoke filling the

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7 Incredible Electric Scooter Accessories on Amazon

When it comes to fashion accessories, a belt can pull an outfit together and make you look like a Calvin Klein supermodel. Or it can hold your pants up and keep you from being a $10,000 winner on America’s Funniest Video. A belt can also do both things at once. The same is true for

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The Frustrating Saga of the Eon Scooter Indiegogo Campaign

On August 22, 2017, a backer of the Eon Scooter’s crowdfunding campaign left a mic-drop worthy comment on the company’s Indiegogo page concerning Eon’s multiple delays in shipping what the company calls “The #1 Most Crowd Funded E-Scooter In History!” At least you are staying true to your name. Eon: definition (n). an immeasurably or


Guess What? The Immotor Go Electric Scooter has a Super Battery!

If there’s one thing we can say about our society these days, it’s that we love our gadgets. If there’s an app, software or hardware that will help you streamline some aspect of your life—from an app that tracks your, um, movements to mood-altering headwear—we’re no doubt working on it if it’s not already here.

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BMW Set to Release X2City Electric Scooter

BMW, the maker of the self-proclaimed ‘ultimate driving machine’ is now aiming to create the ultimate in LEV transportation with an electric scooter known as the X2City. It’s no secret that the congestion and costs associated with traditional transportation are on the rise. In cities across Europe, commuters are faced with the challenge of getting

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Munro 2.0 E-Bike: New Energy, Old School Cool Style

Chinese cities are notoriously smoggy and the many gas-powered motorbikes used to transport goods and people are, in part, to blame. To that end, Munro Motors has released a clean and stylish alternative to the small motorbikes that contribute to Chinese cities’ air quality problems. CEO Zack Wong says that he hopes that, by creating

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Electric Scooter Share Programs Pop Up ‘Round the World!

Over the past decade, the world has seen many of its most populated urban areas adopt bike-sharing programs. For people living in dense urban environments, bicycles offer people a means of escaping the traffic, parking, high cost of car storage (in cities like New York), and also reduces one’s carbon footprint. If you’ve ever spent

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Introducing the SCROOSER Electric Scooter

The German-made SCROOSER electric scooter has earned quite a bit of buzz as of late. It’s an interesting piece of engineering that stands apart from the typical Razor-style electric scooters that compose the majority of the market. It has a sleek, streamlined design where all of the power components are hidden out of sight. From

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Eon Electric Scooter Promises the Moon for Eager Riders

NOTE: Since the initial publication of this article, Eon has failed on numerous occasions to meet their deadlines and obligations to their crowdfunded backers. Many are claiming fraud. Check out this article for a bit more info. 8/28/17. Back in October 2016, the San Francisco-based company Eon Electric Scooters launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo

The Mercane Transboard Turns Heads in Electric Scooter World

The Mercane Transboard is the latest addition to the electric scooter market. It’s unique design and futuristic aesthetic has generated interest among riders and the press. The Transboard is an electric scooter built with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back, like a reverse tricycle where the rider stands instead of