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Electric skateboards have taken off in recent years, achieving a devoted following of enthusiasts. Some major players in the electric skateboard industry include Boosted, Marbel, and Evolve. Stay tuned in for weekly coverage of all things electric skateboards.

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The Remoteless Starkboard E-Skate Looks Better than ZBoard

Losing a remote control is almost as frustrating as finding a remote control, then realizing it’s for a different device. In 2017, even people of sound mind have tried to change their Roku with a 15-year-old VCR remote found in the cushions of grandma’s old couch. It would appear the StarkBoard Electric Skateboard has solved


E-Boarder Brings You E-Skate Reviews and Organizes Events! is an electric skateboard online magazine based in Berlin, Germany. The location, however, is inconsequential to riders all over the globe who have a universal love of all things e-board. Think of it as e-boarders without borders. While the folks behind E-boarder do sponsor the occasional event in Berlin and often discuss German law

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Breaking News: LEAKED Black Friday Code for Genesis Electric Skateboards

After receiving the below email from RideGenesis, I spent about 30 minutes tinkering with their code structure to see if I could figure out their regular black Friday code and what do you know? I did it! Use Black Friday Code – BFSKATE and get $50 off the Stinger, Tomahawk, and Hellfire electric skateboards. This is the

NYC Eboarding Crew Starkboard

NYC E-Boarding Crew: The Gang Rides the StarkBoard! [Video]

Here it is! The latest episode from your favorite e-board host, Tishawn Fahie! This week he goes on a ride with his NYC e-board crew and tries out the StarkBoard. Happy viewing!

A Comprehensive Guide to Amazon’s Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

Let’s face facts— as famous tattoo artist Sailor Jerry once said, good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good. This applies to everything from tattoos to electric skateboards. Ergo, we know it’s difficult to muster the courage to shell out thousands of dollars on a great electric skateboard, especially when you’re balling on a

NYC E-Boarding Crew Episode 2

NYC E-Boarding Crew: The Amazing E-Boarding Batman [Video]

Check out the latest episode of Tishawn Fahie’s NYC E-Boarding Crew video series. In this episode we get to witness some unadulterated badassery on wheels. Enjoy:)

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Best Electric Skateboard Resources for Beginners and Experts

Becoming an expert in almost anything involves as much learning as doing. You can run sprints all day and throw a football until your arm is useless but if you don’t learn the rules and can’t follow the play calls, you’ll suck on the field.   The same is true for electric skateboarding. Learning how

Tishawn Fahie E-Boarding Crew

NYC E-Boarding Crew: Grand Master Slide [VIDEO]

We are proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Tishawn Fahie, the man behind the NYC E-Boarding Crew videos, to bring his epic e-boarding productions to you, our lovely audience. Below is the latest episode of Tishawn’s electric skateboarding video series. This is the first episode of season 2, and Tishawn is taking things in

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Man with bag on head representing ugly electric skateboards

The 7 Most Appallingly Ugly Electric Skateboards Ever Made

Ugly is such an ugly word. But the more politically-correct title “7 Aesthetically-Challenged Electric Skateboards” just doesn’t sound as cool. So, we’ll stick with ugly. When it comes to electric skateboards, speed, acceleration, battery life, range, hill incline, charge time, weight and portability are all far more important than how your board looks. But, even