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Hoverboards became the hottest light electric vehicles on the market, seemingly overnight in 2015. Since then, numerous hoverboard brands have entered the fray, including SwagTron, EPIKGO, and Airwheel. Stay tuned in for weekly coverage of all things hoverboards.

radical Moov hoverboard

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Hits the Streets

  Over the last few years, the hoverboard — or self-balancing board—have been all the rage. There’s just been one problem: they haven’t worked as advertised. In fact, many of them were just explosions waiting to happen. But that hasn’t disparaged billionaire Mark Cuban from entering the fray. Earlier this month, Mark Cuban (famous from

LayZ Hoverboards

Everyone, Please! Stop Using LayZ Hoverboards! [It’s Dangerous!]

You may remember, back in 2015, when rappers, athletes, and other celebrities rode hoverboards on TV and everything seemed fine and fun. It was a simpler time. Hoverboards were the hot gift of the Christmas season and children and teens all over America rode their self-balancing scooters across city streets, smiling with glee and eating

LEV Mark Cuban Hoverboards

Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Gears Up for Kickstarter

Mark Cuban has had an interesting run in the hoverboard world. And it’s not over yet! The billionaire businessman, of Shark Tank-fame, has had a toe in the hoverboard industry since 2015, although it’s been a bit of a rough haul so far for Cuban. Back in August of 2015 – when hoverboards were huge

halo all terrain hoverboards

Top 5 All Terrain Hoverboards for Off-Road Trailblazing

The hoverboard market is increasingly more difficult to navigate as more and more companies enter the fray, each with their own suite of hoverboard models that, on the surface, don’t appear all that different from one another. It’s not uncommon to scroll through a bunch of hoverboards and ask yourself, “What’s the difference? They all look

5 Hoverboard Companies That You Can Trust in 2017

If you jump in your Way Back Machine and travel to last Christmas, you’ll remember that hoverboards were 2015’s hot gift of the year. You’ll also probably recall the scandal that followed the product’s meteoric rise in popularity. There were a few instances of hoverboards catching fire in people’s homes. Yikes! All of the hazardous

Segway miniPRO Hoverboard: A Brief History of Innovation

Learn about the rich history of Segway, their buyout by Ninebot, and the Segway miniPRO hoverboard that the union spawned.

5 Best Hoverboards Under $400

If you don’t care about all the extra doo-dads and simply want a safe, solid hoverboard, check out our list of the best hoverboards for under $400!

Hoverboard Fails & Electric Skateboard, E-bike Crash Videos

For your entertainment, we’ve compiled our favorite hoverboard fails and electric skateboard, E-bike crash videos.

swagtron hoverboard in white

SwagTron Hoverboards: Pioneers of Safety

SwagTron hoverboards are some of the safest on the market. They’ve taken the initiative to seek UL certifications beyond what is required. Learn more!

riding a black hoverboard

Hoverboard Safety Tips To Follow To Ensure a Safe Ride

No one wants to walk away from a joyride with scrapes or bruises. To ensure that you don’t get hurt make sure to check out these hoverboard safety tips.