How to Film Yourself Riding an Electric Skateboard

July 05, 2017

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying An Electric Skateboard

June 29, 2017

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Hits the Streets

June 28, 2017

Munro 2.0 E-Bike: New Energy, Old School Cool Style

June 21, 2017

Lou Board: An Electric Skateboard that Hits a Whopping 21 mph!

June 19, 2017
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Jay Leno Adds Electric Bikes to His Garage of Wonders

So, what happens after you quit one of the top nightly talk shows on television after 20 years? Well, with your big pile of money and notoriety you don’t drop off the face of the planet, that’s for sure! Leno is still around. He recently showed up on Jimmy Fallon to play co-host for a

Spectra Electric Skateboard

Spectra Electric Skateboards: A Hands Free, Self-Learning Board

Move over Z Board, there’s a new hands-free electric skateboard in town, and it’s called Spectra electric skateboards. The Spectra electric skateboard from Walnutt is a hands-free, self-learning board that utilizes AI to create a personalized riding experience. The company has coined their brand, “The Tesla of Electric Skateboards.” Spectra is currently raising money via

Couple holding Juiced electric skateboard

Move Over, There’s a New Affordable Electric Skateboard in Town

For many a moon, since the days of generation 1 boards, when only a handful of DIY-ers and diehard enthusiasts rode around on these crazy things called electric skateboards, there’s been a clear delineation between the premium expensive boards and the affordably priced “good enough” boards. In the premium class are Boosted and Inboard, etc.,

DIY Electric Skateboard

7 Best DIY Electric Skateboard Tutorial Videos

If you’re reading this article, then you’re a fan of electric skateboards. You’re also likely not a fan of spending over $1000 on an electric skateboard of any kind. While Boosted Board and Inboard are both awesome products, without a doubt, they also cost a pretty penny, and not everyone can afford to drop so

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Best DIY E-Bike Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Let’s face it, e-bikes can be insanely expensive. A decent e-bike sold by one of the upper-crust brands, such as IZIP or Specialized: Turbo, can go anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000! That’s a major investment! Given the cost, it should come as no surprise that many people prefer to go the DIY-route and custom build

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7 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are more popular than ever. New companies enter the fray every month and it seems like everyone and their mother has a business plan up on Kickstarter for the next big electric skateboard product. But despite all of the competition, no clear winner has risen to the top. Many of the brands that

LayZ Hoverboards

Everyone, Please! Stop Using LayZ Hoverboards! [It’s Dangerous!]

You may remember, back in 2015, when rappers, athletes, and other celebrities rode hoverboards on TV and everything seemed fine and fun. It was a simpler time. Hoverboards were the hot gift of the Christmas season and children and teens all over America rode their self-balancing scooters across city streets, smiling with glee and eating

Acton Blink Electric Skateboards

5 Best Electric Skateboards To Look For in 2017

It’s 2017 and the electric skateboards of the world are alive and well! There are new brands launching every month and many more seeking funding through crowd-sourced platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The influx of new brands will surely effect the marketplace in the coming year or two, but for now, many of the

Boosted Board

Yes! Boosted Board Makes it Easier To Buy Their Boards in North America

During the initial boom in popularity of electric skateboards, Boosted Board quickly rose to the top of the pool, offering a premium product that blew most of the competition out of the water. But in the past year, Boosted has faced a series of struggles, most notably in the fall of 2016. Last November, as

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Electric Scooter Share Programs Pop Up ‘Round the World!

Over the past decade, the world has seen many of its most populated urban areas adopt bike-sharing programs. For people living in dense urban environments, bicycles offer people a means of escaping the traffic, parking, high cost of car storage (in cities like New York), and also reduces one’s carbon footprint. If you’ve ever spent

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