NYC E-Boarding Crew: The Gang Rides the StarkBoard! [Video]

November 16, 2017

A Comprehensive Guide to Amazon’s Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

November 14, 2017

New York City’s Longstanding War on E-Bikes

November 09, 2017

NYC E-Boarding Crew: The Amazing E-Boarding Batman [Video]

November 08, 2017

10 Best Electric Bikes on Amazon [The Official Best Sellers]

November 07, 2017
electric skateboard resources

Best Electric Skateboard Resources for Beginners and Experts

Becoming an expert in almost anything involves as much learning as doing. You can run sprints all day and throw a football until your arm is useless but if you don’t learn the rules and can’t follow the play calls, you’ll suck on the field.   The same is true for electric skateboarding. Learning how

Tishawn Fahie E-Boarding Crew

NYC E-Boarding Crew: Grand Master Slide [VIDEO]

We are proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Tishawn Fahie, the man behind the NYC E-Boarding Crew videos, to bring his epic e-boarding productions to you, our lovely audience. Below is the latest episode of Tishawn’s electric skateboarding video series. This is the first episode of season 2, and Tishawn is taking things in

Ono Archont Electric Bike

10 Great Electric Bikes for 2018 [And One That is Completely Ridiculous]

Here we are. The year is very quickly winding down, and it can mean one thing…LISTICLES GALORE! If you look around online, you’ll find that there are many choices for electric bikes, but people always want a definitive answer, and I would love to give you one, but the thing with e-bikes is that there

electric scooter accessories

7 Incredible Electric Scooter Accessories on Amazon

When it comes to fashion accessories, a belt can pull an outfit together and make you look like a Calvin Klein supermodel. Or it can hold your pants up and keep you from being a $10,000 winner on America’s Funniest Video. A belt can also do both things at once. The same is true for

electric skateboards
Specialized E-bike

Specialized E-bike Turbo Vado 3.0 [A Uniquely Specialized Riding Experience!]

Today we are going to take a look at one of Specialized‘s latest e-bikes. But before I get into it, I feel the need to make a distinction that the gentleman who answered the phone at my local bike shop made when I asked him about e-bikes. First I said “Can you tell me about

e-bike accessories

10 Best E-Bike Accessories on Amazon in 2018

“My bike.” That’s what people say. “I’m going to ride my bike.” From the time we get our first bike, we set out on a quest to make it our own. As children, we hung our favorite color streamers from the handlebars or stole a playing card from our dad’s drawer to put in our

Man with bag on head representing ugly electric skateboards

The 7 Most Appallingly Ugly Electric Skateboards Ever Made

Ugly is such an ugly word. But the more politically-correct title “7 Aesthetically-Challenged Electric Skateboards” just doesn’t sound as cool. So, we’ll stick with ugly. When it comes to electric skateboards, speed, acceleration, battery life, range, hill incline, charge time, weight and portability are all far more important than how your board looks. But, even

e-bike maintenance

The Definitive Guide to E-Bike Maintenance in 2017

There’s a lot of good that comes with electric bicycles—they’re convenient, great for short to medium length commutes and help the environment when people choose to use them over gas-powered transportation—so it’s no wonder that they’re becoming so popular. But just like any vehicle, e-bike maintenance must be done proactively. Luckily, it’s not going to

electric skateboard boosters

Electric Skateboard Boosters: Mellow, Landwheel and Onan Battle it Out

It’s Germany vs. China in the electric skateboard booster wars! Will Mellow reign supreme? Or will the Asian duo of Landwheel and Onan knock them off their board? Let me stop you before you click on any of the above links. IMHO, avoid the Landwheel site. The browser tab is in Chinese characters and when

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