Best Electric Skateboard Resources for Beginners and Experts

November 03, 2017

NYC E-Boarding Crew: Grand Master Slide [VIDEO]

November 01, 2017

10 Great Electric Bikes for 2018 [And One That is Completely Ridiculous]

October 31, 2017

7 Incredible Electric Scooter Accessories on Amazon

October 27, 2017

5 Best Electric Skateboards [Infographic]

October 24, 2017
pedego trike - electric trike

You’ve Seen Tons of E-bikes, but Have You Seen an Electric Trike?

Remember when you were a little kid and you got your first tricycle? Nobody else could ride it because it was just your size. It had a bell and tassels and it was your favorite color. It made you feel special because it was yours. It represented your first taste of freedom. Time passed and

SwagTron Electric Skateboard

Is the SwagTron Electric Skateboard a Top Affordable E-Board? Eh.

What do you do if you’re one of the first to innovate safer technology for personal mobility devices, such as hoverboards? If you’re Swagtron, you keep pushing forward with new options in electronic personal transportation. The Swagtron electric skateboard is one of the company’s newest products, and it offers a lot for riders of all

mozzie hoverboards

Mozzie Hoverboards Take Safe Batteries to the Next Level

If you’ve been hanging onto the idea of finding a hoverboard that is safe, reliable, and easy-to-use, then take note of rising star Mozzie Hoverboards. These self-balancing hoverboards promise to deliver a smooth, safe ride for individuals of all ages and sizes. We’re taking a closer look at this emerging leader in the world of

Juicy Roller e-bke

The Juicy Roller E-Bike Is One E-ffective Mode of Transportation!

For 122 years, electric bike lovers have been on a never-ending quest to ride further and faster on an e-bike than ever before. When Ogden Bolton Jr. filed a U.S. Patent for his version of the electric bike back in 1895, he had no idea his simple idea would one day evolve into the sleek,


7 E-Bike Safety Tips to Know Before You Take Your Next Long Cruise

Your e-bike is charged up and you’re ready to go for that nice long cruise you’ve been dreaming about all week. You’ve planned your route and cleared your calendar. But before you grab your gear and hit the road, there are a few e-bike safety tips you should take into consideration. So set aside your

guy frustrated by eon scooter scam

The Frustrating Saga of the Eon Scooter Indiegogo Campaign

On August 22, 2017, a backer of the Eon Scooter’s crowdfunding campaign left a mic-drop worthy comment on the company’s Indiegogo page concerning Eon’s multiple delays in shipping what the company calls “The #1 Most Crowd Funded E-Scooter In History!” At least you are staying true to your name. Eon: definition (n). an immeasurably or

Pedego E-Bikes

Pedego E-Bikes Become Biggest E-Bike Brand and Make the Inc. 5000

Pedego electric bicycles aren’t just making buzz on local city streets. They’re also causing a stir as they rise to Position #2655 on Inc. Magazine’s 36th annual Inc. 5000, a yearly compilation of the fastest privately held businesses in the United States. So, how has Pedego managed to outpace other e-bike company’s growth and land a spot on Inc.’s

carvon electric skateboard 2

CARVON’s New E-board Moves As Fast As A Car! [In A School Zone]

When a company, in 2017, brags about how they started way back in 2012, I’m reminded of an 8-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant who says, “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!” However, in the electric skateboarding world, five years is an eternity, so CARVON can legitimately claim seniority in this new and burgeoning

i-ride electric skateboard

I-Ride Electric Skateboard Wants To Change The Way People Commute

Years from now, when we look back at traditional skateboarders using their feet to propel themselves forward, it may look as ridiculous as Fred Flintstone stopping his car with his heels. With the I-Ride electric skateboard, man—or woman–no longer needs to have one strong leg to get around. To use another fictional analogy, imagine if

Ruffian ebike

The Ruffian E-Bike: Rustic Style Combined with Cutting Edge Power

Some electric bikes are made just to get you from point A to point B while others focus on speed and still others on power. Now, there’s a new crop of e-bikes growing in popularity – those dedicated to style. That’s where The Ruffian e-bike falls. The Ruffian electric bike is described on the Ruff

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