Guess What? The Immotor Go Electric Scooter has a Super Battery!

August 23, 2017

7 Best Electric Skateboards on Amazon

August 11, 2017

Daredevil Performs Hoverboard Stunt: Rides Along Edge of Skyscraper

August 08, 2017

Hoverboard Hackers Post Threat to Riders Using Bluetooth Access

July 31, 2017

BMW Set to Release X2City Electric Scooter

July 27, 2017

How to Film Yourself Riding an Electric Skateboard

In this day and age, we’ve become accustomed to sharing absolutely everything with our friends and the public at-large. Whether it’s the food we eat, the cocktails we drink or the places we go on the weekends, we are in the new age of the “sharing economy.” In fact, a recent study suggests that the


3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying An Electric Skateboard

  We’ve truly entered the age of electricity. Nowadays, everything is automated, moderated and digitized for increased accessibility and ease. Even your favorite alternative forms of transportation have gone this way. No longer do you just have to pedal your bike or push your skateboard. Instead, let motors do all the heavy lifting for you

radical Moov hoverboard

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Hits the Streets

  Over the last few years, the hoverboard — or self-balancing board—have been all the rage. There’s just been one problem: they haven’t worked as advertised. In fact, many of them were just explosions waiting to happen. But that hasn’t disparaged billionaire Mark Cuban from entering the fray. Earlier this month, Mark Cuban (famous from

Munro 2.0 Electric Moped 4

Munro 2.0 E-Bike: New Energy, Old School Cool Style

Chinese cities are notoriously smoggy and the many gas-powered motorbikes used to transport goods and people are, in part, to blame. To that end, Munro Motors has released a clean and stylish alternative to the small motorbikes that contribute to Chinese cities’ air quality problems. CEO Zack Wong says that he hopes that, by creating

Lou Board Electric Skateboard

Lou Board: An Electric Skateboard that Hits a Whopping 21 mph!

Once again, a new electric skateboard on Kickstarter has earned a substantial amount of press before anyone has even ridden the dang thing. Although, hey, when you see a company seeking funding for an awesome electric skateboard with incredible specs and sleek design, it’s easy to get excited. The latest electric skateboard of the hour

vintage electric bikes

Jay Leno Adds Electric Bikes to His Garage of Wonders

So, what happens after you quit one of the top nightly talk shows on television after 20 years? Well, with your big pile of money and notoriety you don’t drop off the face of the planet, that’s for sure! Leno is still around. He recently showed up on Jimmy Fallon to play co-host for a

Spectra Electric Skateboard

Spectra Electric Skateboards: A Hands Free, Self-Learning Board

Move over Z Board, there’s a new hands-free electric skateboard in town, and it’s called Spectra electric skateboards. The Spectra electric skateboard from Walnutt is a hands-free, self-learning board that utilizes AI to create a personalized riding experience. The company has coined their brand, “The Tesla of Electric Skateboards.” Spectra is currently raising money via

Couple holding Juiced electric skateboard

Move Over, There’s a New Affordable Electric Skateboard in Town

For many a moon, since the days of generation 1 boards, when only a handful of DIY-ers and diehard enthusiasts rode around on these crazy things called electric skateboards, there’s been a clear delineation between the premium expensive boards and the affordably priced “good enough” boards. In the premium class are Boosted and Inboard, etc.,

DIY Electric Skateboard

7 Best DIY Electric Skateboard Tutorial Videos

If you’re reading this article, then you’re a fan of electric skateboards. You’re also likely not a fan of spending over $1000 on an electric skateboard of any kind. While Boosted Board and Inboard are both awesome products, without a doubt, they also cost a pretty penny, and not everyone can afford to drop so

diy e-bike

Best DIY E-Bike Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Let’s face it, e-bikes can be insanely expensive. A decent e-bike sold by one of the upper-crust brands, such as IZIP or Specialized: Turbo, can go anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000! That’s a major investment! Given the cost, it should come as no surprise that many people prefer to go the DIY-route and custom build

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